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Bridal Bustles


French Bustle

Hall Wedding- Syracuse, NY

courtesy Hastings Photography

Bride and bridesmaid alterations

Weaver/Comstock Wedding- Elbridge, NY
courtesy SyracuseLUX Photography

Bridal Gown Redesign
1987 bridal gown updated for a 2020 bride. The original gown had classic 1980's style with puffy sleeves and gathered satin skirt. This bride, remarkably, fit into this gown once worn by her aunt and agreed to make it her own for her special day. The dress even came with a nice size stain in the back that also needed to be worked into the new design.



After some minor fit adjustments, this bride gave me complete artist freedom to update her aunt's wedding gown. I used 100% original fabrics and materials to create the new design, including harvesting lace from the original sleeves, re-draping the circular skirt to create a smooth line and eliminating all of the puffy design elements.